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Welcome to OHFA's resource center for lenders. We are pleased to partner with a network of lenders to provide homebuyer products throughout the state of Ohio. OHFA offers homebuyer loans, down payment assistance, mortgage tax credits and other products to qualified buyers. Our goal is to make sure our lending partners understand the OHFA loan process. We offer a variety of resources, including in-office trainings for lending staff. For questions about our programs or becoming an OHFA enrolled lender, please contact our Business Development Manager, Thomas Walker at 614.466.9920.

Lender Online

Go to Lender OnlineParticipating lenders can use our password-protected online system to submit loan reservations, check loan status, download pre-filled product forms and view updates and special product announcements. Visit Lender Online to log on and get started now.

Online Training: Register for a Mortgage Professionals web-based training course.

Course Descriptions

Becoming an OHFA Expert
This course will review all aspects of OHFA programs, loan processing, down payment assistance and mortgage tax credits. Eligibility criteria and program combinations will be reviewed, so mortgage professionals understand how these programs can help their clients achieve homeownership.

Mortgage Tax Credit
This course will provide an in-depth review of OHFA's Mortgage Tax Credit Program, which can save homebuyers thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage.

Lender Online, Processing, Closing and Post-Closing
This course is presented in video format and teaches the learner how to use the Lender Online Reservation System.

OHFA Home Purchase Options

A comparison of available OHFA single family purchase products detailing eligibility requirements, income limits, interest rates, loan types, credit scores and fees:

Become an OHFA Lending Partner

Learn how you can take advantage of OHFA Homeownership Products to help more Ohioans achieve homeownership. Please view the participation requirements in the section below. To become a participating lender please contact:

Tom Walker
Business Development Manager
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
57 East Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Contact Tom Walker

Subordination Policy

In an effort to assist homeowners who are trying to refinance their mortgages, OHFA has established policies regarding subordinations. Subordination requests may result from an OHFA mortgage or from the Hardest Hit Funds under the program names of Restoring Stability or Save the Dream Ohio.

OHFA Mortgages: If the lien resulted from an OHFA mortgage product using a second mortgage, there is a fee for the subordination. Detailed instructions regarding the process, fee and the subordination request form are below:

Restoring Stability or Save the Dream Ohio: If the lien resulted from the Restoring Stability or Save the Dream Ohio programs, there is no fee required to subordinate a mortgage originating from assistance using Hardest Hit Funds. Restoring Stability and Save the Dream Ohio mortgages are held by Ohio Homeowner Assistance, LLC.

The best way to reach OHA is by email at ohadocuments@occh.org. They can also be reached by phone at 614.545.7839, but it takes much longer for a response.

Phone: 1.800.989.8448 or 614.545.7839
Fax: 614.629.5167
Email: ohadocuments@occh.org

OHFA Products

Buyers can add one or more of the following options to an OHFA FHA, VA, USDA-RD or conventional mortgage loan:

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